Below are the tools used to create The Complete Digital Marketing System 

Be sensible... I rarely see a professional that needs more than the tools listed. 

Technology platforms are NOT a deciding factor for your business to succeed, Neither is your logo! Yet when starting a business we tend to put them before everything. Invest in yourself first... (Your solution), then the cosmetics.

In other words... these tools will not make you a millionaire, but they will make your job easy!

Website Domain Name (www.)

Domain names you can get from any registar. I recommend GODADDY simply because they play nice with other platforms. For example with Leadpages (My recommended website platform) when you use GODADDY, Leadpages has an automatic link to connect domain and website. So you don't have any technical work to do that you may not be familiar with. Other Domain registars you will be required to set the CNAME and A-Records.  


A Professional Business Email 

Gmail has a professional business email service (Business Email meaning it ends with not Before you set this up, you'll need to own a domain name, because they will ask you for proof of domain ownership. Again using GODADDY, there is an automatic link to connect Email Address to the Domain. Other Domain registars you will be required to set up the GSuite MX Records.

A Website Built For Conversion 

One mistake I often see is businesses owners marketing online, driving traffic to their website using online tactics such as Social Media and Pay Per Click advertising. However, the result is customers are landing on their website, but still not taking action. So we have a web conversion issue, turning those visitors into enquiries or even better, paying customers.

Leadpages educates you how you build a website that converts! This is it's advantage over other platforms. Not to mention that its super easy to use, so you’re not dependent on me and have a powerful self sufficient online business.

The Interaction Model 

Relationships = Interactions over time. So you’re going to build a stronger relationship with somebody the more interactions you have with them over a longer period of time. This is how trust is gained. Don’t build a relationship and you'll fall back into a ocean of competition where the consumers decision-making process comes down to the one thing they do understand which is price. You will end up working with customers that are not a good fit for your business.

UK Accounting Software - Simplified

As a Sole Trader with no-one to turn too, I started off making money doing what I enjoy with no business knowledge. I always struggled with accounts and every year I tried a new software. After 4/5 years testing several platorms, I finally found FreeAgent. Account software that displays everything in a simplified way and in real time. No concern or scary tax bills! I know everything financially in my business in real time. As a Sole Trader you can submit your end of year ccounts direct to HMRC, no accountant required.

The Internet Business School

The Internet Business School

When you know your Identity and Brand Strategy marketing your business becomes dramatically simplified because you have one thing to sell.

I've been in advertising for over 15 years and the landscape is constantly evolving and you need to adapt. What you think you know, will not be the same in 12 months. I regularly attend The Internet Business School hosted by successful online entrepreneur Simon Coulson, one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers. I've passed his Internet Marketing Diploma and highly recommend his crash course weekend.  

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